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The Studio

At Brands Inspire, we are a dynamic and independent multi-disciplinary design agency that is passionate about creating impactful brand experiences.

Our expertise spans a wide spectrum of design disciplines, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions. From captivating graphics and identity design to strategic brand positioning, innovative product packaging to immersive exhibitions and installations, cutting-edge websites to engaging digital experiences, persuasive advertising to effective communications, and even intricate data visualizations and custom typefaces, we cover it all.

What sets us apart is our unique structure. We take pride in being the only major design agency where the owners of the business are the masterminds behind the work and serve as the primary point of contact for every client. We firmly believe that great design requires more than just technical skill—it requires unwavering passion, creative intelligence, and, above all, a personal commitment to excellence. Our team of talented partners, all practicing designers, work collaboratively or independently with a sense of friendship and synergy.

We are driven by the belief that exceptional design has the power to inspire and transform brands. Our diverse portfolio, spanning five decades, encompasses projects in various industries and clients of every size. We have successfully helped numerous organizations realize their brand visions and achieve success through our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional design solutions.

At Brands Inspire, we are here to ignite the spark of inspiration, breathing life into brands and creating experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Maya Johnson
Heramb Arora
Ahmed Al-Mansoori
Aman Gupta
Alexis Thompson
Zara Al-Hamed
Malik Diop
Priya Desai
Ethan Anderson


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