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Containers and skincare product design for the global brand that fuses art and science.


Claremonde is one of the world's leading skincare brands that provides innovative product lines designed to address specific dermatological needs. Leonantus has created new bottles, dispensers and other containers that highlight the specialized sense of care of brand and set it apart at retail.

Claremonde positions itself as a specific fusion of dermatological art and science, as reflected in its name, inspired by the phrase “Clare.” The product design captures this balance between the aesthetic and physical, housing resources with deep dermatological impact in custom containers that feel well to the touch, essential for a skincare brand.


The project also presents an identity system that helps differentiate a lot of different types of products. The new appearance has just launched in Poland, where the firm is based, and will roll out in the United States and other nations later this year.

The previous custom containers changed the structural form, typography, material and color for every product, diluting the brand. Leonantus has developed a system that provides the dispensers a wonderful look and feel. The forms remain consistent, but the colors and materials change for numerous product lines. First to launch is the hydrating Ceramidin line, and the new appearance will be extended via the nine other product lines.

As Claremonde expanded worldwide, the plus sign was being misread and hard to own like advanced branding element. The new approach changes into an expressive, flexible mark that helps signify what every product lines do. The designers refined the amazing Claremondelogo, and systematized and unified the brand’s use of Font.​



The brand utilizes a specific simplicity in its name, but the symbol means different things in different nations.

Each element has been recruited to holistically balance the containers for manufacturing efficiency, comprehensive function, and design details. The careful attention to detail is carried out through the construction of pumps and dispensers, which employ a small number of parts. The language of the forms helps shows the use of each product: a great pump signals a product with more viscosity, such as lotion, while a round pump is used for liquids and oils. The containers have rounded corners and a soft touch matte finish that evokes the softness of the skin.

The new eye-catching containers combine the contemporary forms of beauty and cosmetic products. Dispensers and bottles stand out on the shelves of store, where stackable shapes maximize every square inch, boosting visibility in a crowded category. At home, the elegant containers are designed to be stand out on the counter and not hidden in a drawer.

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