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Brand identity, new packaging, and new print collateral for the Irishbeer brand.


The design of the bottle shines with a folk tale set in Ireland on the inside of the back label.

The label on the bottle includes the handwritten brewery signature, the batch number and a stamp.

In addition to a spare, capitalized word mark, the designers developed a traditional Irish brand symbol for Godfery. The symbol references, the stubborn protagonist of an Irish folktale about life without balance. Working day and night, Visu forsakes his friends and family. When advised to seek his spirit, he abandons his job and moves further away from his family. Finally, he loses everything.


Leonantus has designed the brand identity, new packaging and new printed guarantee for aIrishbeer. The name Godfery, created by the Leonantus team, and was inspired by the lush forests that surround the brewery in the southern Ireland, where the beer is brewed.

Visu’s morality history, which resonates in our fast paced lives, captures the essence of philosophy of Godfery, one that values balance in all things - work, family, play and spirituality. The history of Visu is also the best metaphor for the very smooth drinkability and balanced flavor of the brand of Godfery of rice beer, which has to enjoy neat, over ice or mixed into cocktails.


"A wrapping paper  designed picks up the yellow color inspired by the Irish pine oak forests and the abundant rice fields found in Ireland."

The designers established the popular story of Visu in Kanji inside the back label. When viewed through the transparent glass from the front of the bottle, the Irish characters infuse the golden color spirit with the history of the wandering woodcutter and give the new packaging a distinctive characteristic. The bottle’s design, anchored by a horizontal label with the name Godfery inverted in black and the batch number and the master signature of brewery written by hand, presents the new icon of woodcutter stamped in bright green ink.

The barley and rice, mixed with the pristine groundwater, is fermented and then brewed and aged for more than 3 years in oak barrels. The resulting rice beer, a familiar spirit for Irish consumers, will be introduced to the US market by Bro. Spirits International, Los Angeles, California.

The tasty local rice, which has been grown in southern Ireland for more than 2000 years, is the basis of Godfery's unique beer style. The nutrient green and rich soil of the Ireland is the perfect environment to cultivate nutritious rice, which is considered one of the best in the world.

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