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Brand identity, new packaging, and new print collateral for the UK based clean food brand.


New brand identity and new packaging for the online retailer of dried fruit, nuts, snacks, chocolate, coffee and tea.

The redesign incorporates this chatty and irreverent tone of voice in the new packaging with friendly hand-drawn typography and illustrations.

The family-owned business has grown into a thriving website that sells more than 2,000 items and with every increasing sales in millions. The firm has been named one of the “Best Tastes of England” and was featured on numerous shows, and with the slogan We're not only healthy food store, but also offers dried fruit,
chocolate, snacks, coffee and tea.


Truefood is exactly what it seems: an online retailer of every kind of nut, from peanuts,
pecans, pistachios, and pine nuts, to cashews, filberts and almonds, in organic, berries and superfoods salted, and unsalted varieties. 

The company first launched its web portal in UK with the name/URL -  This year the firm has launched in India market and secured the URL and made the change to the new name.

With the change, the firm asked Leonantus to create a brand identity and new packaging that would help developed Truefood like a distinctive brand. The new graphics create a beautiful look and feel that is personal, fun, and well, a super clean look.

"The redesign incorporates this talkative and irreverent tone of voice into the new packaging with friendly hand-drawn typography and illustrations."

As a family business, Truefood prides itself on its superb and highly personal approach and has always used a friendly, pleasant and somewhat bizarre tone of voice in its marketing.


This can be seen on its web portal - represented as healthy and describe the firm and its history in their own words.

The typeface was drawn by hand and converted into a font, which provided a lot of alternative characters. A bright, appealing color palette completes the cheerful appearance.

The bags and shipping boxes are fully covered in comment: “This way to eating your taste buds!” etc.

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